Wayfarers, A New Campaign

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Wayfarers, A New Campaign

During the latter half of 2019 we kicked off the first Dungeons & Dragons campaign on the Neuro channel with Age of Anthems, a mysterious tale of epic proportions. The team was comprised of StarCraft streamers and community members, many of whom had zero prior DnD or RP experience. Despite this, we shared in laughs and memorable moments throughout, and got the hang of playing our characters.

It had its flaws, however. The scale of epic grandeur was too advanced for a set of new players who were still trying to learn the basics of their class. After missing a few sessions in a row without notice, we decided to call the campaign and brainstorm a new campaign that would reflect what we learned from AoA.

We wanted something simpler and more personal. A comparison we made was between the new Star Wars saga films and The Mandalorian. AoA was grand and epic like the saga, and extremely mysterious and complicated. Wayfarers is simple, like the story of Mandalorian. Three relatively unskilled adventurers try to work together to stay alive and complete a quest. We started at level one, which allows us to learn our class in a digestible way, and also in a way that is easier for viewers who are new to DnD to follow. The name Wayfarers was chosen to contrast the grandeur of Age of Anthems by stating the unspectacular nature of the journeys. Our wizard just spams firebolt, after all.

Our goal is to keep the campaign relatable and personal, so we can focus on the characters. Too many characters, too many twists and turns, and it can easily get too tangled to keep up. We’re also wanting to bear in mind that many of the viewers for each session will be seeing Wayfarers for the first time. Because of this, we don’t want too much confusing and tangled lore that’s required to understand what’s going on. We have a rogue, a barbarian, and a wizard. Everyone knows more or less what those are, and can focus on what makes these 3 individuals unique.

Behold, the team!
Apoptosis, the Goblin King – Dungeon Master, Map art
CobraVe7nom7 – Producer
BodyVii – Character art
Cobra_X – Editor
AllelujahTV – Timestamps
Neuro – Khaal, the kenku barbarian
PiG – Nigel, the human wizard
Ash – Mendax, the tiefling rogue

Episodes are streamed on twitch.tv/neuro every other Thursday at 8pm PT. If there are any exceptions, we’ll try to let you know ahead of time. Our first 2 episodes are up on our YouTube channels. Just to warn you, they’re excellent. The team size being reduced from 4 to 3 greatly improved our tempo. Moving from using a software to move around in the world and make rolls to physical rolls keeps things more narrative-based than mechanics-based. If we want mechanics, we can play StarCraft.

I hope you’ll enjoy joining us on these journeys! Apoptosis is an absolute beast of a DM, our players rock, and production is tip top. If you have friends who are into DnD and enjoy watching campaigns like Critical Role, recommend Wayfarers! These projects have been labors of love, but with enough enthusiasm and support this story can gather momentum of its own! Join us and be amazed!

This post features original art by CubemelonClock! Check out his portfolio here: http://www.hornblower3d.com/