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Wayfarers, A New Campaign

During the latter half of 2019 we kicked off the first Dungeons & Dragons campaign on the Neuro channel with Age of Anthems, a mysterious tale of epic proportions. The team was comprised of StarCraft streamers and community members, many of whom had zero prior DnD or RP experience. Despite this, we shared in laughs…
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Classic WoW Loot Psychology

With Classic WoW comes more complex items and chaotic loot distribution. There is a greater variety in the types of effects, distribution of stats, and classes the items are viable for. A lot of powerful items drop, yet few carry instructions for who should have them. The players decide. There are different methods of loot…
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2 – For the Team

It’s all about you (no really)

1 – A New Chapter

Anecdotes about my move and how it’s affected my thought processes.