2 – For the Team

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2 – For the Team

On the path of the streamer, there is a great deal of attention and praise. The camera is focused on an individual who captivates an audience with fresh content, but this is not the whole story.

The growth of a stream is a grassroots process — where individuals who watch and chat make a continued choice to tune in again. That choice is the building block for the streamer’s business, and should never be taken lightly. As the Neuro channel has progressed from nothing to partner to 1000 subs, this fact remains. You, the viewer, are a person who enables me to do this for a living. I am so very thankful.

The polish of a stream is a meticulous and multifaceted process. There’s the audio and video quality to improve. There’s aesthetic and atmosphere to refine. There’s a community to build and train. There are social media channels to manage. There’s content to write, record, edit, and post. I am not very good at much of what it takes to be an excellent streamer, and the members of our community have dedicated their own time to round off those weaknesses. You inspire me.

This is a team effort. I cannot honestly say that the success of Neuro is mine alone. I would not be in this situation if it were not for the excellent people who poured their energy and expertise into this endeavor. From the viewers who lurk, to the chatters who carry conversation and keep things lively, to the moderators who maintain order, to the subscribers who put a roof over my head and food in my belly, you are all part of this team.

Tom built this website. I would not be making this post today if it were not for his initiative and continued effort on this front. Cobra_X highlights content from every stream. CobraVenom inspired the Voice of Neuro podcast and made it so. CorporateScandal paid for over half of my new PC build, and CobraVenom helped me with the assembly process over video. UpATreeZelda helped me decide the parts. Tbo provided the power supply. iNcontroL and Artosis have had me on the Pylon show a great many times. Agent Smith and EcceFatum continue to enrich our lives with their expertise when they come on. Triforcetrader has stepped up as the biggest current financial backer. A few have been subscribers since I first made Twitch partner and sport a 4 year badge. Kestnuts has carried the Patreon since I made it. I am very honored to receive contributions from such a mighty set of people.

Many of you rolled characters with us in World of Warcraft Classic, and have helped create an amazing guild filled with fantastic people. Many long time viewers have been engaged with the content even though it isn’t a game they play or played in the past. I appreciate that support very much.

Thank you for being part of the Neuro team.